Main Campus

We Thank God for

His Faithfulness to Cochran Ave Baptist Church for

89 Years!

 “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” Ephesians 4:5

Cochran Avenue Baptist Church Ministries

Every believer has a spiritual gift divinely empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish a given ministry according to God’s grace and discernment to be used within the context of the Body of Christ. The Ministries of Cochran seek to always serve the Kingdom of God  with excellence and excitement!

There is a Ministry for everyone at Cochran to utilize their gifts from God and serve the Kingdom of God!

Our ‘In Reach’ Ministries such as our Next Generation (Children, Tweens, Youth),  Women’s (Women In God’s Service), Men’s, Mother’s, Chorale, and Ushers encourage, look after and care for the needs and guidance of our members.

Our ‘Out Reach’ Ministries include our Christ’s Kitchen, Cochran Clothing,  Convalescent Ministry, and Prison Ministry  and they reach out to the community with the compassion, love and hand of God.

Our ‘Soul Reach’ Ministries –Evangelism, Discipleship focus on bringing others to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Miraculous’ mission and anointing from God has empowered our feeding ministry, Christ’s Kitchen, to feed daily anyone – known as our Guests of The Lord – desiring a hot meal.  He has blessed our clothing ministry, Cochran Clothing, to give out over 200,000 articles of clothing!

We believe it is essential to ensure our membership is prepared to serve God well and our Christian Education Department educates and matures the body of Christ at Cochran. There is a class for ALL ages!

These are just a sample of the vibrant and energetic ministries serving at Cochran Avenue Baptist Church. There are many other areas where the unique gifts given to each member are able to be cherished and utilized to Make the Kingdom of God proud!

God’s anointing on Pastor Johnson has manifested in our spiritual growth and the establishment of our astounding ministries.