Welcome to the Cochran Video’s Page!

Take a moment to SEE what our church has been DOING to make the Kingdom Proud.


3 thoughts on “Video’s

  1. I am D’Vonte’s mom and niece to Ms. Gaynelle, Gaynetta and Cynthia. My woderful grandmother is Ms. Ernestine Hughes. I live in Troy, Michigan. I am so honored and blessed to be able to view this website. My entire family have been members of this church for more than 20 years. I have seen this church grow and prosper into a place worth being proud of. God bless all the members of this church!! I look forward to watching it LIVE!

  2. And cousin to Helena, Toni, Eboni, and Ernestine! Hi Cousin I was randomly searching this website and saw this post, that was an unexpected blessing. I love you and hope you can come and actually worship with us soon.

  3. This was ‘Cochran Avenue Baptist School’ a private grammer school and church that I attended from 1952, kindergarten, through 1958, 6th. Grade. There were approximately 150 students total, and 5 teachers. Proud to say a number of us went on too make a positive mark on the world. A number of the students had parents who were missionaries and some who’s fathers were pastor’s, some had working parents and some lived in mansion’s in Beverly Hills. We all grew up together from kindergarten and graduated 6th. Grade together. We had a solid foundation in Math, English, History, Geography, Science, Music, and Religions studies that proved to make us valuable members of society. I don’t know when it ceased being a school but the children lost a good educational institution.
    I see you are celebrating the 85th. Anniversary and thought you might like to hear from someone who was there for the 22nd. Anniversary. Founded in 1930.

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