Downloads ($5 Donation), CDs (By Request), and DVDs of The Anointed Teachings of

Pastor Charles R. Johnson!

Welcome to the Cochran Media Page!

This page is under construction in preparation for sharing the sermons and teaching of Pastor Charles R. Johnson.

Here are samples of the anointed sermons coming soon!

  • “The State of the Church Address”
  • “There is a Stirring in the Season” Pt.3
  • “There is a Stirring in the Season” Pt. 4
  • “Manifesting Your Miracles” Pt 3
  • “God’s Divine Intent” Pt. 2
  • “Possibilities of Death”
  • “Why Did Jezebel Go to Hell”
  • “What You Should Know By Now”
  • “Giving God Your Best” Pt. 2
  • “What Happened When Jesus Got To Jerusalem”

If you are eager to obtain a copy of the sermons of Pastor Johnson before they are available online, contact us at 323-938-0141 or and we CAN fulfill your order now!