Cochran In-Reach Ministries

With God’s anointing, Out-Reach Ministries have greatly impacted our surrounding community through compassionate service and provision. It is even more important to keep the passion for serving God and His people fiery hot and our IN-Reach Ministries strive to encourage the growth within each member by focusing on inward spiritual growth.

Our In-Reach Ministries include:

  • Children – Building faith and relationship by offering a variety of programs that will help transform children into champions for Christ. We encourage a lifetime of passion for Christ.
  • Youth – Providing programs and activities which promote spiritual growth, education, scholarship, the arts and Bible study with a goal of building Godly leaders for the next generation.
  • Young Adults – Continually encouraging , educating and equipping young adults, 18-40, to be strong and able to intelligently and truthfully defend their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Singles – Equipping single men and women to fully experience God and His plan for their lives and provide opportunities for fun and fellowship.
  • Married – Through the Word of God, fellowship and faith bringing couples to a deeper level of growth, maturity, communication, trust and love in their relationship which will produce a happier, healthier, God-centered marriage.
  • Women – Encouraging and creating an atmosphere where women can realize spiritual maturity, fellowship, develop their leadership skills and minister in their local church and community.
  • Men – Providing the tools for becoming a mature man of God according to Biblical guidelines and principles.
  • Mother’s – Giving leadership and guidance to the younger women of the church on how to live, grow, serve God and conduct themselves as Godly women.
  • Choir – Ushering in Praise and Worship in the Spirit of God through the vehicle of song.
  • Praise & Arts – Expressing love and worship for God through creative gifts and talents.
  • Ushers – Serving as the doorkeepers who are the first to meet and greet the body of Christ as they enter into worship.

Cochran OUT-Reach Ministries

As followers and Believers of Jesus Christ, our purpose is to serve as Jesus served. Cochran’s Mission is “to meet the needs of people.” Our OUT-Reach Ministries,

  • Christ’s Kitchen- Sharing God’s Love through serving a good free meal twice a day, six days a week to anyone in need.

  • Cochran Clothing – Sharing God’s Love through providing free clothing to anyone in need.

  • Convalescent – Carrying God’s Word to convalescent & retirement homes and special care facilities through Bible study, evangelism, prayer and worship.

  • Ministry of Helps – Providing volunteer support where needed in any of the ministry areas or keeping our church clean and beautiful.

  • Cochran Employment – Assisting with locating resources that lead to securing employment for qualified applicants.

  • Prison Ministry – Our ‘Keep the Faith’ Ministry brings Christ’s love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals and to assist in their transition of becoming a productive citizen.

Take the love of Jesus directly to the people.