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Happy April 30, 2015!

Good Morning This “Trust God!” , Thankfully Thriving Thursday!

Today’s Scripture : John 9:7 

Prayer Principle of “DELIVERANCE”!;

Good Morning Holy Spirit!

John 9:6 shows us that He went to the root to change the fruit.

After applying the clay to his eyes, the man who was blind from birth, still had to ‘walk out’ the process and walk to the river and wash the clay off of his eyes.

He had to have Faith in the One who applied the clay to His eyes, Believe  and Expect a miracle and even though he was blind, he still had to ‘do something’ to experience his ‘DELIVERANCE‘!

We too must faithfully ‘walk’ until we get to the place of our healing, DELIVERANCE and Victory!

God does not give up on us and we should never give up on Him or on those He has placed in our lives.

Just as God constantly and continually loves and encourages us, we too must do the same for others. We must be mindful of encouraging others that through believing in Jesus Christ, they can be set free and DELIVERED from those  things that are holding them up or causing stagnation in their lives.

Our walk with God is a continuous process of DELIVERANCE. Do not slow down or stop walking into ALL God has for you!

Tell someone that Jesus is Sweet, Marvelous, Kind, Faithful and Loving!

Trust God and He will lead you into every Good and Perfect Gift!

Your Miraculous VICTORY Today is in Him!

 VICTORY is yours Today!

FAITH is our engine that powers our Movement and Victory! Forward All Issues To Heaven!

” Thank You Father God that You are God and God All By Yourself!  Thank You Father God for Loving Me! Thank You Father God that you are the author and the finisher of my Faith. Thank You Father God that You do not CHANGE! Thank You Father God for My SALVATION through Jesus Christ! Thank You Father God that Your TRANSFORMING Power is working in me! Thank You Father God for my DELIVERANCE to what is best for me! I TRUST You Lord! Thank You Father God that I Am VICTORIOUS Today! Thank You Father God that the Name of Jesus is my ENCOURAGEMENT!  Thank You Father God that from my EXPERIENCES, I know that You are REAL! Thank You Father God that I can Trust You in every CHALLENGE! Thank You Father God for The Holy Spirit living in me and guiding my life to be a REPRESENTATION of Jesus! Thank You Father God that You are My Power Source and My STRENGTH! I Believe, Trust and DEPEND on YOU! Thank You Father God that me and my Family are Prayerfully, Peacefully, Powerfully, Productively and Divinely MOVING FORWARD under Your Control and Power to the Blessing, Abundance and Victory You have already planned for us!  I know I am never alone and can Always talk to You! With My Whole Heart, I give You GLORY and Honor!  Thank You Father God that No weapon formed against Me shall prosper AND ALL things Are working together for MY Good! Your PRAISE Shall Continually Be in My Mouth!   Thank You Father God for ALL of My Blessings! In Jesus Name – Amen!

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