Decide Today Whose Side You Are On! – Making The Kingdom Proud Prayer Line

Good Morning This Marvelous Memorial Day Monday!

Proverbs 12:7

Prayer Principle of Decision

The wicked shall perish; The Godly shall Stand!

You must decide which side you are on – the wicked or the Godly?

Your walk lets others know your decision!

Your talk must match your walk; your walk must match your talk!

We must walk like we know The Lord!

We must walk like The Bible lives inside of us!

We must walk like we have made up our mind which side we are on!

God’s Word says STAND!

As People of God, we cannot fall, grow weary, tired or worn – we must STAND!

God made us to STAND!

He gave us a helper to help us STAND – The Holy Spirit – A piece of Himself!

Make up your mind to STAND and Go Forward! God has Faith in you – Have Faith in Him!

Live Today – God has tomorrow!

God is ALWAYS with us – so STAND!